Of Prayer Now by Andrea Potos

After cocooning
myself in my comforter
before sleep comes,
I lay with eyes open
in the dark. One by one
I conjure them all,
finding again
their magnanimous, smiling faces—
my queue of beloveds,
returned. This
is the way of prayer now—
to remember Love in all
its past and present forms.

Of Prayer Now

This small poem caught my attention in its simple evocation of my queue of beloveds, those family and friends who have died in body but remain with me in spirit. Potos describes perfectly for me how the comforting dark is a place to conjure them all, remembering their magnanimous, smiling faces. I really do see each face, perhaps have a word or two (today is your birthday!) and draw them close for the moment.

Whether you want to call this prayer or not, this remembering is a way of calling on the people we have loved who continue to be in our hearts. Naming each dear soul, I invite them into my world to say I do not, cannot, forget you. Potos says this is how we remember Love in all / its past and present forms. Because love remains when the body does not, present and past, still a part of who we each are.

Love as prayer, prayer as love. Whose smiling faces are you remembering?

13 thoughts on “Of Prayer Now by Andrea Potos

  1. Oh Jan, thank you. A lovely nurturing practice I’ll adopt. So grateful.

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  2. Thank you Jan for bringing this poem to us. I love the cozy suggestion of how to spend some of the hours in the dark. I have often wondered where does a person go after their last breath? How can we be alive one minute and not the next? But what I do know is that the love does continue and what better time to feel it but in the quiet and dark of the night.


  3. Ah, Jan…what a tender poem. To speak with our beloved dead – to remember their birthday – the very idea softens my heart. Thank you!


  4. Ah! I see you found another poem to love by the poet about whom I wrote you recently (& of whom you were already a fan). It’s interesting to read this one as it seemed for a very long time that so many of my poems were about my sister’s passing, and sometimes that of my father. I remember one about drinking tea and feeling all my loved ones, that reminds me of this lovely poem.


  5. This is a powerful love poem. For people gone from our lives, departed for many reasons, taking many different roads and fading from view.


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