As I said in my introduction, I am passionate about poetry. It has become a central theme in my life, whether I am learning a poem by heart, sharing with someone a poem which I sense may be helpful to their situation, or writing my own poetry.

In January 2014, I began studying with Kim Rosen in her Poetry Depths Mystery School, a six month program to deepen the practice of working with poems to discover and reveal more of our true nature, the voice of our innermost self. In 2015, I began the second year of this program which is teaching me more about how to share the transformative power of poems with others.

I am a counseling therapist in private practice, having retired in 2013 from working full time at Carleton University counseling students. My particular focus is being with grief, be it death or the many other losses we encounter in life. You can go to my website to read more about my practice.

Even before I began this journey, I often found that poems gave language to what can seem inexpressible. In working with clients, I seek to find a poem, or lines from a poem, which may help that person go more deeply into their own experience. Together we may then explore the medicine and gifts the poem offers.

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