Janice Falls

I am passionate about poetry: reading it; writing it; speaking it; sharing it.

That is what I want to do here – regularly share with you poems that have touched me deeply. I offer my reflections, without analysis or explanation about why this poem spoke to me, how it moved me, in hopes that this may resonate with you.

I invite you to read these poems aloud. There is a potency in the spoken voice that cannot be compared to reading silently. If a passage calls to you, you might wish to learn it by heart, which is not the same as memorizing, but rather, a genuine conversation with yourself. You will be amazed at the power of hearing how a  certain constellation of words can express the inexplicable; how they connect us to other human beings.

A gift is meant to be shared, given away to the larger world. These are gifts I have received that I want to pass on to you. Sometimes doors open that take us places we never could have imagined. I hope you will join me there.

I wish to acknowledge here my gifted teacher, Kim Rosen, author of the extraordinary book, Saved by a Poem, which has indeed, saved me.