Can You Hear It? by Paula Gordon Lepp

There are days when, 

although I try to open myself 

to wonder, wonder just 

won’t be found. Or perhaps,

it is more accurate to say 

on those days I am simply 

blind to what the world 

has to offer 

until I look down, and there, 

beside the sidewalk,

are blades of grass completely 

enrobed in ice, shimmering

in the glow of the setting sun,

and as they sway and move 

into each other, if I listen, 

really listen,

even they are singing 

faint little bell-notes of joy. 

Can You Hear It?

Do you ever have those days when wonder just / won’t be found? I certainly do, as I cast about in the grey sameness of late winter days, when I just can’t seem to find it. Then, as the poet says, it is more accurate to say / on those days I am simply / blind to what the world / has to offer. Could it be that wonder is in my appreciation more than what my eyes see?

Lepp shows us how it can be as simple as blades of grass completely / enrobed in ice, each one illuminated by the sun’s rays. Happened to me once; brought me to my knees. She invites us to listen closely as they sway in the breeze, to hear they are singing / faint little bell-notes of joy, to recognize how close wonder can be and we so blind to it.

Love the question in the title: Can You Hear It? Makes me lean in, listening for those faint little bell-notes of joy. How often do I miss them, those subtle calls to pay attention to what is around us, to appreciate the moments of wonder and joy. Can you hear it?

11 thoughts on “Can You Hear It? by Paula Gordon Lepp

  1. Hello! I have been enjoying your poems for a long while now and I always look forward to their appearance in my inbox.

    I was wondering if you know the poetry of Julia Fehrenbacher. I think you would like it. They are poems about presence and mindfulness and being consciously alive. I hope to see one of hers here soon!

    With warm gratitude, Rubina.


  2. “Little bell notes of joy”! Oh yes. I have a wind chime just out my window here thats made of thin slices of agate. It rings in the wind with a high tinging that makes me think of the sound of wind in the mountains. Its a lovely bell note of joy for me and always call me to pay attention – this morning to the rain, to the pink flowering tulip tree in the neighbor’s yard, to the wooshing sound of the wind in the high branches of the trees just beginning to bud and some to leaf. Wonderful poem and wonderful call to paying attention.

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  3. I love the poems and pieces you post that cause my shoulders to drop back into position from where they’ve been hunched around my ears. Thank you, Jan.
    I was kneeling in the garden a few years ago. Pulling a few “weeds” and poking about in the soil. I suddenly noticed a peculiar sound. I turned my head, and saw a large bee on a leaf of my lamb’s ear (Stachys byzantina). The bee was pulling the wooly substance from the surface of the leaf, and that was the sound I could hear! It was a small “tearing” sound. I don’t know what it was all about, but it was an experience I will ever be grateful for.


  4. What an extraordinary experience Lianne! a sound that few of us are still enough to hear. And I’m glad that these poems cause your shoulders to drop back down, such relief! xoxox


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