Diamonds by Ingrid Goff Maidoff

What if recognizing diamonds

was enough to make them yours

and you saw them now everywhere?

On the sunlit ocean; in the moonless sky;

on winter fields and the tips of branches after the rain;

in smiling faces; the brook; the lake; the stream;

the kitchen stove; stairs; puddles, ice, clouds;

anywhere life glimmers and light glints;

kisses, belly laughs, bubbly,

wine, decay and crumbs;

flights of fancy, feathers,

teeth, words, breath…

Diamonds, diamonds,

all diamonds.

Would you see

then in truth

the very richness

that you are?


Perhaps after reading this poem, thank you Maggie for introducing me to this one, you will notice diamonds everywhere, just as the poet predicts. They are in stars, in water in all its forms, anywhere life glimmers and light glints. In fact, once you begin to look, it can seem as if there are sparkles and shine that catch the light on everything, especially on days when the sun glitters in unexpected places but even in moonlight.

She expands the glint of diamonds from kisses, belly laughs, all the way through to words, breath… Could it be that she is pointing out to us that this luminescence exists all around us, just waiting to be noticed? Could it be that we ourselves shine with an incandescent light even when we don’t have eyes to see it?

Would you see / then in truth / the very richness / that you are? Can you recognize how we each glow with a priceless life force, quietly glittering from within? Each a multifaceted diamond of light. Sometimes it just takes a poet to remind us.

15 thoughts on “Diamonds by Ingrid Goff Maidoff

  1. Thank you Janice for posting this poem. This beautiful poem was first sent to me by the wonderful Australian poet AMY BODOSSIAN I urge anyone on Facebook to look her up. She is a performance poet & runs amazing sessions for poets across the country. She comes from Adelaide and when I was lucky enough to be the Convenor of Friendly Street Poets Inc. (the longest running poetry reading & publishing group in the Southern Hemisphere!) I was able to give several guest reading spots to this amazing young woman.


  2. Beautiful! I was just thinking the other day how wonderful a good, full on belly laugh feels – ‘gold” I said to myself, recognizing that it had been a long while since I’d experienced one. And reflecting on it now, I can see and to some degree feel the sparkles, tingles, glittering energy that a good laugh emits.

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  3. How beautiful, to transform our way of seeing. thank you for this poem, Jan. Margaret 613-725-6941 h 613-795-9879 c

    Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.

    – Oscar Wilde.



  4. My reminder for the day. Thank you, Jan.
    I remember years ago saying to my psychiatrist, “Sometimes I would like to spend the day just staring at one beautiful glass bead”.
    But the beautiful glass beads are everywhere, aren’t they? We just have to look for them.


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