Small Hope by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

Nudged by hope
the heart rises
from exhaustion.

It’s like the great blue heron
I saw this morning
flying up from a wasteland

on broad gray wings
with strong, slow beats
for a moment charged

with grace
before—did you
see this, heart?—

it chose to land again,
bringing all its beauty
to the desolate place.

Small Hope

A simple poem, this, but like some of the simplest, it speaks with gravitas. This poet, Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, posts a poem every day. Every day she finds something worthy of her attention and voice.

In those first three lines, she expresses the way that we can rise from our exhaustion (and who has not known that weariness) when we are Nudged by hope. Just a nudge, a gentle touch to the heart, that speaks to our latent awareness. She compares it to a great blue heron, flying up from a wasteland, that place of ennui or despair we all visit from time to time. I am always mesmerized by the occasional heron I see along the river – it’s broad gray wings, beating a slow tempo as it lifts and moves across the water.

I, too, have seen those wings charged / with grace, their simple elegance lifting something in me. Then, the pause of her question – did you / see this, heart? – did you see how it moved effortlessly before it came to earth again, bringing all its beauty / to the desolate place. This wondrous creature, as real as hope, that rises and falls, gracing our desolate places within.

May you see a heron today or the next or some time this summer and feel that nudge of hope such beauty evokes, small as it may be.

16 thoughts on “Small Hope by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

  1. Thank you for this lovely morning gift.. for the ‘nudge’ to see and take in the grace and beauty alongside the desolation and weariness that the heart must also know… the co-existence. Thank you xo


  2. I love this poem and your reflections,Jan. Thank you so much. I’ll respond to the invitation to be open and notice these small signs of hope.

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  3. I’ve been watching a nest of baby Robins at the corner of the eve for a few weeks. As the nestlings grew bigger, poking their wobbly heads and open beaks up, then stretching a wing, I’ve waited for them to fly. A small nest of hope lifting my heart. Last evening they went and when I got up this morning the nest was empty. I have to admit a sense of loss. The garden under the nest seems awfully quiet now without the parents flying in with fat worms, their lilting calls and the nestlings squawking. It was a joy to know this winged life was using my home as a safe nesting place and I could watch a little. “Did you see this, heart”? Oh yes indeed.

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  4. A beautiful poem – those nudges to the heart are pure comfort.
    Thanks so much Jan, I’ll carry these words and yours with me throughout my day.
    Lisa ❤️


  5. So lovin’ this one! We are fortunate enough to have a pond back of our home and see herons frequently – when I see them on the ground, seems a bit unlikely that they can actually fly and yet…… – could not resist looking up their meaning as a totem, pretty aligned with this lovely poem:
    “Heron medicine teaches us about the power of knowing ourselves so that we can discover our gifts and face our challenges.”

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