In Any Event by Dorianne Laux

If we are fractured
we are fractured
like stars
bred to shine
in every direction,
through any dimension,
billions of years
since and hence.

I shall not lament
the human, not yet.
There is something
more to come, our hearts
a gold mine
not yet plumbed,
an uncharted sea.

Nothing is gone forever.
If we came from dust
and will return to dust
then we can find our way
into anything.

What we are capable of
is not yet known,
and I praise us now,
in advance.

In Any Event

From the first word, Laux proposes if we are fractured, questioning the truth of this. But if it is true she assures us, we are fractured / like stars; stars which were created to shine in all directions, dimensions and through time without end, filling the night sky – bred to shine.

She is not yet willing to lament / the human because she believes we are more than we appear – our hearts / a gold mine / not yet plumbed / an uncharted sea. She has a deep trust that our hearts are a source of wealth not yet measured or tested; we are unmapped oceans. We are not limited by our brokenness.

Dust to dust – if this is true she is saying, then we can find our way / into anything. We don’t even know yet what we are capable of and so she says I praise us now, now before we even try to define what that might be. That last statement to me is more than just hopefulness. By saying in advance, Laux is saying with unwavering certainty that this is true – she has trust, faith in our humanity.

May we all shine like stars and together create a greater light.

17 thoughts on “In Any Event by Dorianne Laux

  1. a perfect remedy for a day like today… for all of life, really.
    thank you, dear janice. i so adore your interpretations… the way you can dissect other poet’s words to bring the nuggets of wisdom to the surface.
    with much love,


  2. Dear Jan: I echo the thought that this is the perfect poem for these times. Thank you for reinforcing trust in humanity, enduring as the stars. Love – Mary Lou


  3. I’m afraid I do often “lament the human” as I sit here today waiting thru the labor this country is going thru. And here in the midst of our fracturedness, I have hope along with the poet: that
    “There is something
    more to come, our hearts
    a gold mine
    not yet plumbed,
    an uncharted sea.” and that there is something more to us not yet plumbed as we venture over this uncharted sea and that we will see each other thru whatever lies ahead.


  4. Perfect poem for this week in the USA. Laux is amazing! She is doing a reading for a local group tonight via Zoom with her husband poet, Joseph Millar. Thank you for this incredible piece which is new to me.


  5. Dust to dust…so true, and so humbling…we are but a speck on this earth…however that dust has planted seeds and grown others, has fed roots that nutured and sprouted new life, so we may be a speck but we do live on…just not in the same way, for we are part of an evolving bigger picture. We need to share our talents and strengths we are given while we can, make the most of them, live life to the fullest. Easier said than done, therefore we must be reminded daily to love one another and give thanks for what we are given. Be the dust.


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