With Intention by Janice Falls

And what will you do

with this unspent year,

these 365 never-before days

unspooling from the wheel as it turns,

neither stopping nor hurrying

despite your self-driven pace?

Will you greet each one

with heart wide open,

seeing all the beauty of this world

as well as its infinite sadness,

the madness and grief woven into

the achingly exquisite texture of a day?

Will you pause…

in your haste for each busy day to be done

for the next special event to arrive,

so that you might taste any moment now

be it bitter, fresh, rich or bland

and let it roll across your tongue

so that you truly know it?

Each new day will never again be here.

Greet it without clinging or aversion

or worse without noticing,

as intimate and near to you as your breath.

Unwrap each day as the gift it is;

be surprised with delight or with disappointment

but do not look away too long

for this one will not come to you again.

I wrote this poem some years ago after being asked if I knew of any poems for the new year. Though there are several, I didn’t know any at the time so I put pen to paper to see what would come and here you have it.

I think, as I read it now, that I was writing what I needed to hear, to slow down, to pay attention, to be more present to each moment. It felt important to speak not only of the beauty of this world but of the sorrow, the delight and the disappointment – life as it is.

As we enter not only a new year but a new decade of possibilities, may you treasure each day as it comes, each new day that will never again be here.

34 thoughts on “With Intention by Janice Falls

  1. Oh Jan, What a wonderful way to begin this first day of this new year, this new decade. This is a beautiful poem and sets the tone for me as I sit with this very moment. Taking the time today to reflect on what has been and to wonder about what might lie ahead. Mostly savouring this moment with the beautiful snow covered trees peeking in through my window and my cup of tea – and this day to breathe into. Thank you for your Heart poems – each is gift – a treasure. Thank you. Much, much love, Lisa


  2. Wonderful poem Jan, and so appropriate for the start of a new year. I like the intention to see each new day as an unwrapped gift, and to really take in the opportunity each one offers, these never to come again days. Thank you!


  3. Morning Jan! Thank you for this poem. I love it – such wise words to begin a new year. Wishing you all the best for this new year, new decade. I look forward to sharing magical moments with you. Love Madeline


  4. Happy New Year Jan. This is a very beautiful poem and so appropriate for me at this particular time. I’ve been noticing for several months now that I’ve been rushing through each day but not really knowing that I wasn’t savoring the moments, the feelings, the insights. This writing has helped me to be more aware. Thanks for sharing.


  5. What a fine poem to greet the New Year! Jan, I am taking to heart the deep and tender wisdom of your poem, while savouring the images: “unspooling from the wheel as it turns”; “let it roll across your tongue”…Exquisite! My bow to you, dear word-artist. Love you.


  6. Dearest Janice:

    Below is my unaccepted comment on your blog. It is such a mystery as to why I can only under the rarest of circumstances post. I think I will unsubscribe and re-subscribe to see if that helps. Nothing to do with you rather a WP problem. No matter, I still get to tell you how much I love your poem and you.

    With appreciation, Trudy

    *Thank you dear Janice. You may remember how much I love this poem.It is a perfect way to start the year. Please continue with your beautiful blog. It is a treasure for us all. With love, Trudy*

    *Ring the bells that still can ring* *Forget your perfect offerings* *There is a crack in everything* *that’s how the light gets in. ——-Leonard Cohen*


  7. Great poem for the start of the new year, thank you. A wonderful reminder of the preciousness of each moment and not taking time for granted.


  8. I remember so well receiving this exquisite poem read by Anne, many years ago! Loved it then, and love it even more now. “as intimate and near to you as your breath.Unwrap each day as the gift it is;” funny, I was thinking about this just the other day, each day of living, is truly a gift. Thank you dear Jan. Love, Paula


  9. LOVED reading “by Janice Falls” :O) as to your beautiful, heart felt poem, YES PLEASE, times one hundred – allow me to live every moment in such a state of grace – deep bows Great One


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