Because It Is Spring


Because it is spring

the world unfolds itself to our wonder:

the thawing, melting, juicy dripping

that is the earth softening,

that is our bodies softening,

opening like the green buds of new leaves.

Muscles that have been tightly clenched

begin to lengthen and unfurl

placing eager trust in the warming air

and our winter-pale faces turn like flowers

toward the sun’s comforting heat.

As the earth bestirs its waking self

so does our blood and breath quicken,

our movements informed by the season

becoming supple as air as we lighten,

shedding the heavy vestments of hibernation,

dancing the gladness of spring.

~ Janice Falls

Including one of my own poems is a departure for me but after my dear friend Anne read this at her yoga class this week and again last night at the spring equinox dance she curates, I received a few requests to share this further.

I was surprised to find that I wrote this six years ago, inspired by Anne’s dances that mark the seasonal turnings of the year. I don’t have much more to say than what is contained in the poem itself except that I know I felt this change of season in my body then as I do each year. Perhaps you too are dancing the gladness of spring.

My gratitude to Anne for her inspiration and sharing of these words and to my friends who encourage me always.

32 thoughts on “Because It Is Spring

  1. Jan, this is beautiful! It is sensuous and evocative. I love it. I follow your post religiously and have been waiting for your voice. Keep sharing. It is time.


  2. Oh Jan….so moved. This poem is one of my favs (of Jan’s) – so embodied. Every line awakens my senses, reminds of of awakening through the body…of spring. No one says it like Jan. And no, you can’t have her. She’s MY personal poet.


  3. Dear Jan,
    May my movements become supple as air… thank you dear poet and alchemist. My heart dances as I read your words. Love you.


  4. Unfurling , bestirring , unclenching, warming, becoming supple… oh yes. I feel my body softening as I read this, Jan. Just what I need on this chill, rainy night. My heart turning its hope towards the sun . Just lovely.


  5. Dear Jan: What a delicious treat to read this poem of yours! I love your play with images and rhythm, bringing out colours from both outer and inner worlds. Thank you! More please! Love — Mary Lou


  6. Heart Poems just keeps getting better! Thanks for risking the share of your own work, which is juicy and inspiring. I’ll be sharing this one too on WordSPA…scheduling it now. 1,000 thank yous!


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